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How to Take Full Advantage of Your Office 365 Subscription

By April 3, 2018 No Comments

As a growing business, you don’t have time to get bogged down in the nitty gritty details of IT software management and subscriptions. Here’s where we come in. vitaltech is here to take all the markups and logistics around handling your Office 365 subscription off your hands, so that you can keep your focus on what matters – growing your business.  

In our latest partnership, we’ve partnered with Ingram Micro, a leading distributor of business software like Office 365. What does this mean for you? Working with a direct distributor means any and all support requests you put in get pushed to the top of the queue, which equates less downtime when your software breaks. On top of this, you’ll get the cheapest rates for the latest hardware and software. Better yet, vitaltech will take the logistical hurdles off your hands and handle all the billing for you. Here’s a closer look at the benefits and how it all works.  


Receive More Direct & Responsive Support  

With our new partnership, you get access to more direct support, meaning that you can get a support person on the phone almost immediately for most issues. Previously, when partners had an issue with Office 365, they would call our team and we would open up a technical ticket with Microsoft, leaving us waiting for a call back and no control over the issue or a timely fix.  

Now, because we’ve partnered with Ingram Micro, we can get technical help right away. If it is out of their realm, then they can easily escalate it to Office 365, because of their position as a premier mass distributor of the software. When you come to us with a problem, this partnership enables us to go directly to our partners at Ingram Micro, who can recommend fixes directly and easily instead of putting us on hold to wait in the long Office 365 queue of customer support inquiries.  


Streamline Your Software and Services, Simplify Your Billing  

Before now, getting Office 365 set up for your entire office required quite a few steps. First, you’d have to sign up and enter your payment method, then adjust for the number of licenses. Then, you bring on an IT services team like vitaltech to help you adjust, manage, and monitor the software to make sure it is running securely and effectively for your business. If your team grew and you need to get new licenses for your new team members, then adding more licenses would then be whole other logistical process. On top of all this, you’d have to handle invoices from both the software-provider (e.g., Office 365) as well as the service provider (e.g., vitaltech).  

With our new partnership, you receive only one bill that consolidates and itemizes all your regular service charges to give more clarity during your payment and accounting process. And specifically for Office 365, we can get our partners set up with either monthly or annual billing, depending on what works best for their business model.  


Get Exclusive Access to Discounted Software Bundles 

Partnering with a major software distributor has other benefits like providing you with the best deals when it comes to software bundles. In the case of Office 365, you now have access to additional features and services curated for Office 365 users like you, to help you step up your overall 365 and Microsoft game. You also have access to other software platforms and solutions, and can easily explore optimal bundles for security, backup, and more. For example, you can add on cloud backup, security, gig-free storage, productivity suites, and more… all at top quality and unbeatable prices.  


Start Taking Full Advantage of Your Office 365 Subscription 

To take advantage of all these benefits, simply subscribe to Office 365 through vitaltech, or switch your subscription over if you already have Office 365. Interested in learning more? We’re here for you! Let us know and we’ll get you in touch with a vitaltech Support Expert to get all your questions answered.  


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