Sean Vitale

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Sean Vitale

Partner, Client Experience

I am a Partner and Founder of vitaltech Solutions.  All of my time at vitaltech is dedicated to improving the overall client experience via the Proactive-IT product.  This involves working creatively and strategically with clients alongside the vitaltech team members to advance environments and reduce technical issues.
In my spare time, I enjoy exploring Chicago and attempting to eat as much of the great food that the city has to offer.  To recover from the indulging eating adventures, I force myself to also maintain an active lifestyle.  I frequently visit the gym during the week.  During the warmer seasons, I hit the mountain bike trails in the surrounding suburbs of Chicago and have recently taken up snowboarding for the colder months.

My technical career started with a B.S. in Network Technologies from DePaul University, during which I also acquired a CCNA and Network+ certification.  I thoroughly enjoy working with technology.  It has been over 10 years since I started in the ever changing industry and look forward to it every day.  My early years began working as a systems administrator for a mid-sized law firm.  From there, I joined the consulting industry at a firm where I solely managed multiple small businesses IT environments and was part of a project management team for a 10,000+ VoIP phone implementation for a large Chicago financial institution.  My time at the consulting firm solidified my career path and lead me to partner with Mike Berk and start vitaltech Solutions.

Here I spend my time maintaining and advancing our client environments.  Examples of my daily responsibilities are:

  • Assessing and making recommendations for general IT best practices;
  • Managing the implementation of major IT environment transitions such as network, server, and software upgrades;
  • Developing disaster recovery plans;
  • Creating technology lifecycle and financial plans;
  • Managing the move of IT environments to a new location;
  • Strategically improving client environments to make them more efficient; and
  • Overseeing the implementation of customer relationship management solutions;

When not working with clients, I strive to keep up with all of the latest solutions and products by actively attends nationwide technical conferences and vendor events.

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