Paul Mirano

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Paul Mirano

Senior Support Expert

I am a Senior Support Expert at vitaltech, focusing the majority of my time finding ways to improve your experience when dealing with technology. This involves working closely with Relationship Managers and Senior Support Experts to identify optimal solutions best suited for your company needs.

In my spare time, (believe it or not) I enjoy spending my time away from my computer and partake in outdoor activities such as photography, paintball, basketball, and snowboarding. Moreover, as much as I can, I spend time with my loving family and engage in recreational activities. My passion for technology has been one that started over a decade ago. It was a normal day in our hectic household. I remember taking apart one of our family’s computers to ‘make a robot’ when I was 6 years old. The robot hasn’t happened yet but it taught me some wonderful things. It was the first step in my journey and it fueled my passion for electronics and computing. Through my childhood dreams, it has driven me to dive deep into how computer technology works.

After graduating DePaul University with a BS in Information Technology in 2011, I continued working as a Help Desk Analyst for one of the leading opera companies in the United States. From there, I jumped into developing technical solutions to assist in attorney review process and production of relevant data to opposing counsel for a multinational law firm based here in Chicago. Much later, I did some contract work as a Junior-level Information Technology Specialist for a financial firm; supporting over 300 employees and managing several servers. My experience from these organizations have provided me with the right tools to pursue my professional goals and continually enable me to heighten my skills and further develop essential trade-related techniques.

Here at vitaltech, my comprehensive technical knowledge and background would prove valuable to the company and our partner’s culture, goals, values, and progression.

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