Our mission

We strive to be the most Human company in IT.

At vitaltech, our mission is dedicated to partnering with our clients through delivering a genuine Human Experience. To us, Human is defined as personable, willing, and trustworthy.

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It is vital to us that our clients do not view us as an outside vendor, but as a strategic partner and a core member of their team. We strive to learn our clients’ business process and how they make money so we can utilize our IT expertise to help advance our clients’ business instead of limiting our value to resolving technology issues. We make the commitment to treat our clients’ environment as though it was our own.


Customer Satisfaction Score1


SLA Adherence2


Resolution Rate3

1. Score is based on the entire calendar year and out of 1,108 user engagements.

2. Year to Date measurement of the number of incidents resolved within our SLA

3. Year to Date calculation of incidents resolved

The vitaltech experience

We strategically partner with our clients, and strive to be the most Human company in IT. Customize everything you want from our Proactive-IT services!

CIO Level Strategic Meetings
Unlimited Support Desk
Monthly Preventative Maintenance
Real Time Monitoring/Logging
Alignment Review
Employee Onboarding/Off-boarding
Environment Documentation
Patch Management
Let's Connect
Cloud Computing
Vendor Management
Reporting & Inventory
Routine Assessment & Proactive Tickets
Custom Developments
Reduced Project Work Hourly Rate


At vitaltech we strategically partner with our clients, and strive to be the most Human company in IT.

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Proactive-IT is a fixed monthly fee service, this is the only product we offer, as we believe it is the best way to manage, support, and improve an IT environment. As we are striving to be the most Human company in IT, Proactive-IT allows our vitaltech family to put the energy and passion in to our strategic partnership with our clients.

We create a strategic partnership through our desire to learn our clients’ business processes, how they make money, and how they utilize their IT environment to maximize their efficiencies.We start with our clients’ needs and wish list, and then assess their current IT environment to make sure those needs and desires are attainable with the current hardware and software. Working with our clients’ budget and business process priorities, we make recommendations to stabilize, secure, and improve our clients’ business. We do not partner with any hardware or software distributors, so we do not receive any compensation based on selections of our clients. All discounts that we receive are passed right through to our clients.Our clients are an integral part of our proposal writing process, as each Proactive-IT proposal is customized to our clients business and budget.

Technology allows businesses to be more efficient, effective, and ultimately more profitable. The key is to partner with a team that spends the time to dig in to a Needs Analysis and custom development as opposed to forcing your business to adapt to out-of-box solutions.

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Experience IT differently

With care and support. Experience the difference of IT solutions delivered with a human touch. To us, Human is defined as personable, willing, and trustworthy. Contact Vitaltech today.


Behind the scenes

The faces behind your Human IT experience.

At vitaltech, our team prides itself on being personable, willing, and trustworthy. We hire our vitaltech family with a strong focus on personality, as well as a fierce determination to improve our clients’ businesses, not only their IT environment.

Meet your vitaltech team

Our team’s skill set spans a deep technology breadth, enabling us to offer a wide array of services. In breaking away from “techie” stereotypes, we stress communication from our entire team to each client we work with.

Our team’s ability to communicate clearly with our clients is what drives our success.

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Personable. Willing. Trustworthy.

We are blowing up stereotypes!

vitaltech is striving to be the most Human company in IT, imagine that!
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