Frequently Asked Questions

What services are covered under vitaltech’s Proactive IT?

We include all PC break/fix issues including all hardware and software concerns pertaining to servers, mobile devices, and networking.  Regular management meetings and preventative maintenance also are covered.

Our Proactive-IT services are broken down into the following buckets:

  • Monthly Strategic meetings
  • Unlimited break/fix helpdesk
  • Server/Workstation/Printers/Network Equipment/Mobile Devices
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Servers/workstations
  • Real-time network Logging/monitoring

What is billable outside of Proactive-IT?

Time spent on something outside of break/fix can be billable. Our team will never do any billable work without gaining approval first.

Do you bill for site visits?

We don’t bill for our time for site visits related to helpdesk tickets, but we do charge for the expense to get our resource to/from our clients’ offices.

Do you sell hardware and software?

We do. You can either order through us or a vendor of your choice.

Do you make hardware/software recommendations based on vendor partnerships?

We make recommendations based on functionality and budget needs. It’s our job to present the options to you. You know your business better than we do, so we work as a partnership to land on the best solution for your organization.

If your clients add new software, do you provide tutorials and resources to educate their employees?

Yes.  Our team is available to provide training.  We also offer tutorials on how-to’s and resources to best equip and educate. We can also create one-pager screen shot tutorials to save our clients training costs if their end users are comfortable with that method.

Do you work only with certain types of industries?

No. vitaltech is partners with companies from many industries including legal, healthcare, non-profit, financial, manufacturing, & construction to name a few.

What sized clients do you work with?

Our smallest client has 4 computers, and our largest client has roughly 500 computers.

What is the environment of your company office?

We have an open office layout to foster teamwork and discussion. Music of all genres usually plays. Our help desk sector fills most of our office space.

Vitaltech Support

How does your ticketing process work with your help desk?

Clients call or email our help desk.  With calling, a support expert creates a ticket and works with the client directly.  With emailing, a ticket is created automatically and assigned to a technician who then creates the path for resolution. All correspondence emailed in connection with that ticket is also saved to the history of the ticket.

Do you prioritize issued tickets based on urgency?

Yes.  Priority is determined by creation time and severity.  Severe issues that demand further urgency include internet shutdown, server failure, and poor network connectivity. In most cases, issues deemed urgent affect the large portion of the company environment. Any network issue or company-wide technology issue will get priority treatment and go to the top of the priority list.

How many staff members are on your help desk?

Including our help desk manager, our help desk team consists of five support experts and three senior support experts.  Our help desk works out of our downtown Chicago office and is available for site visits.

What procedures are in place to prevent reoccurring tech problems?

We bring visibility to any larger problems during the monthly strategic meeting with our relationship manager, who always has a good feel of your environment. We internally document trending issues, chronicle and analyze our ticketing system.  Our tech staff hold regular internal meetings to evaluate such occurrences.  We also have the capacity to remotely monitor—when necessary—clients’ computers in order to replenish software and hardware.

Do you conduct regular strategy management meetings with your clients?

Yes.  Meetings occur every 1-2 months in which we provide hardware inventory reports, help desk ticketing historical data, project and initiative updates and future recommendation reports. The monthly strategic meeting is an integral part of our relationship. Not enough organizations step away from playing the daily IT whack-a-mole game to strategically look at the business form a 30,000 view. In addition to the strategic view, we routinely present hardware/software inventory/warrant reports. We also review help desk tickets from the prior month to get in front of any recurring issues. It’s our responsibility to present new technologies/trends/concerns to our clients during this meeting to create/increase efficiencies and ultimately our clients profitability.

How do you prevent losing data, and how do you go about recovering lost data?

We advocate multiple back-up solutions to eliminate single points of failure including both a local and external backup server. We will also recommend that our clients have onsite and offsite backup solutions running in parallel. The onsite solution protects against hardware failures as well as malicious virus attacks. Offsite backups add a layer of redundancy and can protect against flooding/fire, or other situations where there is damage to the IT room.

How do you determine when to handle issues onsite rather than remotely?

The most common reasons—besides treating lunch—when visiting clients’ offices include replacing hardware, emergencies directly affecting multiple users, and when a client is struggling with troubleshooting over the phone.

Do you administer preventative maintenance?

Yes.  With servers, it is a manual process checking backups, antivirus, cleaning out stale files, running updates, and rebooting.  Upcoming Issues or expirations are reported to the account manager.  For each work station, an automated script process cleans stale data, reboots, and runs updates.

Does your team do custom development work?

Yes.  We create and manage websites and applications, both from scratch and redesign.

Do you support phones?

We do. We assist in procuring, implementing and supporting hosted voice solutions.