Support Expert

Chicago, Illinois
Chicago, Illinois
Support Expert
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Job Description:

Our next team member will improve our business partner’s experience when dealing with technology. The technical focus will be on day-to-day support and maintenance for our business partner’s computer, server, cloud, and network environments.

Roles & Responsibilities:
  • Deliver a genuine Human Experience by providing a professional and courteous experience phone, email and in-person.
  • Contribute to the vitaltech culture by bringing energy and excitement to the team.
  • Track and manage client’s technical issues through the vitaltech Helpdesk.
  • Provide on-call support during business and non-business hours both remotely and on site (travel in and around the Chicago area is required).
  • Perform hardware/software installations and upgrades on computers and some network equipment for existing and new client projects.
  • Work with the Senior Support Experts for technical issues that require escalation.
  • Work with the Senior Support Experts to develop tasks for client projects.
  • Work with the Senior Support Experts to document and make recommendations for client computers.
  • Update technical knowledge by participating in paid and non-paid vendor educational webinars and seminars, reading professional publications, attend one on one lunch sessions with senior team and obtaining relevant certifications.
  • Adhere to the client non-disclosure agreement.
  • Adhere to the vitaltech culture that is dedicated to the customer experience and outlined in our Consultant Guidelines document.
Technical Skills & Qualifications:

A Support Expert should be proficient with the following technologies:

  • Network Gateways, Routers, Switches, and Access Points
    • Network subnetting, static and dynamic IP address assignments.
    • Network (wired and wireless) connectivity troubleshooting (i.e. ping tests and IP address conflicts).
    • Network infrastructure interoperability
  • Workstation and Mobile operating systems, configuration, and hardware
    • Adding the computer to a Windows domain, creating user profiles, adding network printers, configuring VPN, and mapping shared network folders.
    • Fundamental understanding of other operating systems such as MacOS, Android, iOS
    • Basic hardware troubleshooting abilities
  • Windows Server operating system configuration
    • Experience with creating user accounts and groups in Active Directory and applying permissions to shared folders and printers.
  • Microsoft Office 365, Exchange, Spam Solution Platforms
    • Setting up and adding user mailboxes and e-mail distribution lists.
    • Applying additional alias to user accounts.
    • Configuring user computers and mobile devices to connect and send/receive from the messaging solution.
    • Identifying mail flow issues due to spam filters.
  • Software installation and support
    • Installation and support of commonly used applications such as Microsoft Office, Antivirus, Adobe, third-party VPN, and database applications.
    • Identifying mail flow issues due to spam filters.
  • VOIP
    • Basic understanding of device and software operations
    • Ability to work with vendor support to resolve issues with service
Vitaltech Perquisites

VitalTech perquisites are defined as an incidental payment, benefit, privilege, or advantage over and above regular income, salary, or wage. We strive to provide a “work/life” balance and team oriented work environment. The following are standard offered perquisites:

  • Contribution to Cellular Phone Bill
  • Pre-Tax Metra Fare
  • Pre-Tax CTA Fare
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO and potential contribution towards Healthcare Premiums
  • Daily Coffee, Breakfast, and Lunch available in the office
  • Use of Company laptop to take home
  • Flexible scheduling as personal issues or events arise
  • High growth opportunities
Performance Measurements

Specific areas will be measured in conjunction with the standard employee review for purposes of employee performance and growth. Those areas will be documented and reviewed on a routine basis which may be different for each employee.

Job application:

Please include your resume with the form below. Accepted formats: *.doc, *.docx, *.pdf. Maximum file size is 5MB.